Game Economics
Supply and Demand
The price of anything, NFT's included, is what somebody is willing to pay for it and what somebody is willing to buy it for.
Avoiding oversupply is key to maintaining a stabilized asset price.
The other side is incentivizing demand, like:
  • Cosmetics that allow players to show off their style.
  • Founders equipment allowing for faster leveling.
  • Reward players with a strong sustainable flow of resources for investing.
  • Challenging content that requires the use of many potions and higher rarity spell cards to defeat.
Asset Burn
  • Character NFT's are required to be burned for rebirth.
  • Resources are used up creating buildings, potions, spell cards, flying space explorers, repairing weapons, and more.
  • Crystals and NFT's can be salvaged to become Crystal Dust, to form new crystals, improve current crystals, craft new NFT's, and strengthen current NFT's.
Desireable Assets
Players will want certain assets to show off:
  • A well developed planet with fearsome defenses.
  • Stylish cosmetics
Players will want certain assets to progress more quickly:
  • Spamming spell cards, allowing for killing monsters more quickly.
  • Founders equipment and potions allow for increased experience gain.
  • Faster space explorers allow for more efficient travel.
Players will want certain assets to dominate:
  • Stronger equipment will allow players to exel in dungeons, raids, duels and war.
The Lemuria Team will give utility to all assets, however their exact value will change depending on factors out of our control.
If Players are not farming wood, then decide they want to develop their planets, and the price of wood moons, the logical thing is for earners to farm wood and capitalize. However, this action will flood the market with wood and cause the price to fall.
While assets have boom bust cycles due to human nature, eventually things reach an equilibrium and have less volatility.
This is a natural cycle found in most industries and markets in the world, be aware of it, and take advantage of it!
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