Play To Earn
General Information
    The Galaxy of Lemuria is a new type of game that rewards players for the time and effort they spend both playing the game and growing the ecosystem.
    No Cost Entry - players may opt to play a common character for free up to level 20 and then purchase an NFT character which unlocks the entire game experience.
    Free to players will be able to grind for in-game items as well as NFTs that may be utilized in-game or traded in the in-game marketplace as well as OPENSEA.IO marketplace for NFTs.
    The Galaxy of Lemuria is a 100% player-owned, real money economy.
    Game resources and items are tokenized, they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on open peer-to-peer markets.
Character NFT Packages (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic) chances based on the below formula. These NFT characters will have boosted base stats and a higher level cap compared to a base character (free and non-NFT).
    Rare - 79.5% chance
    Epic - 15% chance
    Legendary - 5% chance
    Mythical- 0.5% chance
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