Booster Packs
General Information
  • Each booster card pack contains (5) cards with at least (1) card guaranteed to be rare or of higher quality.
  • NFT card items are within booster packs.
  • Many items in TGOL have limited edition quantities for specific rarities of NFT items rare and above.
Booster Pack Contents
Each booster card pack may contain any of the following items:
  • Equipment Item
  • Resource item
  • Consumable item
  • Building Schematic (Not available)
  • Cosmetic Item (Not available)
  • Pet (Not available)
  • Space Explorer (Not available)
Card Pull Chance / Rarity
(Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic) card pull chances are based on the below formula:
  • Common - 79.5% chance
  • Rare - 16.2975% chance
  • Epic - 3.075% chance
  • Legendary - 1.025% chance
  • Mythic - 0.1025% chance
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