Space Travel
General Information
  • Players will be required to complete the storyline and level requirements needed before being able to explore and travel to other planets.
  • Space Explorers can be crafted with the engineering profession by utilizing in-game resources and raw materials. (Non-NFT)
  • Traveling to higher-level rarity planets will require the equivalent rarity of a space explorer.
  • Can be purchased in the marketplace, with varying rarities and limited edition quantities available (NFT).
  • Players will be able to explore and travel to distant planets in the Galaxy of Lemuria and provide taxi service to those without the appropriate rarity of space explorers.
  • Taxi-Service can be utilized by higher-level space explorers to provide travel to higher rarity planets for players who do not have the proper rarity level space explorer.
  • Provide conveniences such as increasing passenger limit and travel speed.
  • Can be upgraded and further enhanced with in-game resources.
Space Explorer Rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic) chances based on the below formula:
  • Rare - 79.5% chance
  • Epic - 15% chance
  • Legendary - 5% chance
  • Mythic - 0.5% chance
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