Quests & Achievements

May have multiple objectives in order to complete the task requested.
Can be completed individually where applicable and some will require other players to help complete.

Defeating a set number of creatures. (Individual / Group)
Collecting a set number of items off of specific creatures or found within a specific area. (Individual / Group)
Defeating a specific dungeon encounter. (Group Based)
Defeating a specific raid encounter. (Group Based)

Time quests are found throughout the game, every time quest will have an objective to complete within # minutes or hours to complete.
If a timed quest is not met it will simply be failed after the time limit has been surpassed, and the player will need to start the quest over again.

  • Are refreshed every 24 hours.
  • Range from easy to difficult.
  • Rewards offered from a daily quest are equivalent to the level of difficulty.

The Galaxy of Lemuria will offer various kinds of achievements for all different kinds of players.
  • Story Mode.
  • Collection Based.
  • PvE.
  • PvP.

  • Complete all main story-related quests from each planet.
  • Defeat a dungeon on a higher level of difficulty.
  • Duel 100 different players. (PvP)
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