Crystals System

Crystals & Rarities

General Information

Crystals are an extremely rare valuable resource containing highly valuable and sought-after one-of-a-kind items.
Crystals can be found from vanquishing bosses, high level resource nodes, quests, and achievements.
Crystals that are obtained from playing will be of the quality rare, epic, legendary, or mythic and contain unique NFT item drops.
Crystals will display the type of item inside them. It will also display the item level. No other information about the contents of the crystal will be known until opening it.
The quality of loot found within each crystal is dependent upon the rarity level of the corresponding planet and the level of the area.
When a crystal is found, players must be a specific level and own the required rarity of tools to open them.
Lower level dungeon & raid bosses will have very low drop potential, While higher-level dungeon and raid bosses will have a higher drop potential for more powerful items.